Doing the happy dance

I’m so happy that I’m doing the happy dance.  It’s been a struggle but I did it!  I’ve lost 5 whole pounds!  Woo Hoo!!!  I’ve been working out and eating right and it’s really paying off.  My short term goal is to lose 15 lbs by my birthday-June 13th.  I know I can do and every week when I step on that scale and it shows a loss it just boosts my confidence up even more!

School is going well for me also.  I’m maintaining an A in math.  That is the hardest subject for me.  I never really got the foundation down so it has been hard learning things that I should have learned in probably middle school.  How I managed to get through high school is a miracle.  If I had to take the graduation test like they do now I wouldn’t have graduated back then.  Glad I missed that.

Tomorrow I’m gonna go pick up my son and spend some quality time with him.  I had a bad habit of referring to him as boy.  He’s fifteen now and asked me to refer to him as Man-Boy. LOL!  I’m always taken aback when I call him and that rich baritone voice answers the phone.  He sounds so much older and mature like a manly-man when he talks.  I’m just really looking forward to this weekend to just chill-ax!  Put my feet up and say ahh…!

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