What the heck is CAU about???

Ok.  The doctor told me that my daughter has CAU.  I’m sure my face looked like whaaaaaat?  What the heck is that?  Chronic Autoimmune Uticaria.  That looks pretty scary huh?  It’s just a big fat fancy way to say she has chronic hives for no good reason at all.  They just happen–on a chronic basis.  That conversation happened at the end of last year.

<Queue the violins>  Here we are some eight or nine months later.  Those silly hives have been with us daily for years.  Tuesday these booger got a little bit bigger than normal.  Ding! Ding! New scary word for the day was ANGIOEDEMA! <Queue grab my chest in the manner of Fred G. Sanford> I’m coming home Lizabeth! Well, may it wasn’t quite that dramatic but you get the picture.  That word just sounded super scary especially when it’s used to describe the super puffy (picture fish lips bigger than Angelina Jolie) on my sweet little 8 year old angel.  Seems angioedema is just a fancy way of say the hives is a little more severe and deeply under the skin.

Now my job is to find a way to relieve my baby’s symptoms and misery.  She has missed two days of school and I just want my angel to feel better.  Sigh…Just another day in our little slice of paradise.

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