Why can’t I find a job?

Is it just me or is it really tough trying to find a job these days?  I’ve gotten to the point where I have started applying where ever I stop.  Namely Taco Bell, Wendy’s, McDonalds…get the picture? Dang!  Maybe I need to stop going to fast food restaurants so much, huh?  What can I say?  I get so darn hungry pounding the pavement every week.  Seems like lately I only pound the pavement from one fast food joint to the next.

Earlier this week at Taco Bell I had a sudden thought to just grab a broom and start sweeping the floor.  I was thinking to myself, “Shucks I’m here often enough that they might think I already work here and start paying me as a loyal patron.”  Yeah, right.  In my fast food dreams.  Speaking of dreams, is it strange to dream of all the different combinations that you could possibly get a Whopper made at Burger King?  Or how about dreaming of being named Barista of the Year/Customer of the Year at Starbucks?  Hey! A lady can dream right?

So, today I thought I might treat myself to a little something-something like a home cooked meal.  I’ll bet my DH (dear husband) will be ecstatic to eat something besides Little Ceasars again.  I think he was giving me hints when he brought home several bags of groceries yesterday. <Sigh>  Southern fried chicken, pinto beans and a side of corn bread.  Oops, I almost shorted out the keyboard ‘cuz my mouth started watering!

Got myself off topic again…food–No I mean job hunting!  It is so frustrating trying to find a job.  I’m not even sure it’s worth going to the DOL anymore.  Seems like there’s not even any good job offers on the job board.  I remember when you could go through pages and pages of jobs and find something.  Now every job that is listed fits on one page and doesn’t even fill up an entire page.  Whew… something has got to give!

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  1. golddigge says:

    Take it from me .to find a job in the food and beverage you should just sit back and think of all the people you know that are connected to the industry and start networking its not what you know its who you Know in this business.


    1. mbryant613 says:

      I haven’t worked in the food and beverage industry since I was a teenager. I originally had no plans to get back in it, however it has been difficult finding just about any kind of work. I had to quit being choosy and start applying wherever I saw (or see) now hiring signs. I’m not really sure how to go about networking. It’s been so long since I had to actually search for a job that I’m having difficulty knowing where to really look. I joined LinkedIn and I hope that helps me to get the ball rolling soon. Thanks for your comment and input.


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