She was listening really hard…

My daughter, Kathy and I were talking about a new browser I installed for my younger daughter Lizzie.  She asked why I installed in the first place.  Very nonchalantly and without hesitation I replied, “So she doesn’t accidentally get into a porno site.”  That was an innocent reply right?  Wrong.  Lizzie was listening without looking as if she were listening and she logged herself out her very safe kid browser that I searched hard for and installed just for her and logged into the IE browser and using phonetics to figure out how to spell it typed “Porno” into a generic search engine that we all use quite regularly.

Lo, and behold all the crazy pages that suddenly sprang into action.  Mind you I’m not paying much attention at all figuring that she is still using the wonderful kid browser to watch, oh say, Disney stuff and what-not.  Then I hear a gasp!  I run over thinking “Oh Lord she’s having an asthma attack!”  She’s not having an asthma attack but I’m sure about to have a heart  attack when I see all the stuff that typing the word Porno into a search engine can pull up. 

I frantically try to shut down all the Super-Size pop ups (that my pop-up blocker seems to be ignoring) and hurriedly try to get rid of all the smut that is suddenly possessing my laptop.  She is trying her best to look over my flying fingers to see what all these wild images and sounds are that are taking on a life of their own.  I’m flabbergasted and embarrassed.  I give up and slam the laptop closed without logging off of anything.  At this point I just want to give some kind of explanation that will satisfy her curiosity without damaging her psyche.

You can bet that installed child-internet-safety software last night.  That was a big lesson to me to A.) watch what I say and B.) never leave my child unattended online no matter what safety nets are installed.  I’ll probably laugh about it later but for now I’m still catching my breath and monitoring my own heart rate.


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  1. So, uh, how exactly did you explain that to her? Is she scarred for life? 😉


    1. mbryant613 says:

      Oh that’s easy. I told her that it was stuff you will never find in the Bible and little girls should never look at it. And of course when she had a flood of other questions including “Why?” I did as I always do when I’m flummoxed–Ask your dad. 🙂


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