I never thought that I would see the day when my happy little bubbly world that I called my life would come crashing in around me so rapidly.  It’s seems to be falling apart faster than when the space shuttle Challenger went ka-boom!  One day I was married, maybe not always happily, but I was married none-the-less. The next thing I know here we are haranguing before the judge hoping that this divorce ends as rapidly as the marriage started.

I try to remain civil but sometimes I wish it that the law would allow me to literally throw people under a fast-moving freight train. Since no court will ever approve of that I guess I will have to remain steadfast and wait for this hurricane to eventually blow over.  Some days it seems as if I’m just an innocent bystander watching some poor, pitiful woman going through misery and heartache and I feel so sorry for her.  The I take a good look in the mirror and see that yes, indeed it is me.  I am that poor, pitiful looking woman.  That’s when I try to fortify myself with scripture and good preaching to help me lift my head up and throw my shoulders back and march on like a good soldier.  It’s not always easy but I refuse to bow down in defeat.

It’s time for some changes.  I am determined to get back up and make some big time changes in my life.  I know that with God I can do all things because He gives me strength.  He’s the Rock on which I stand.  I’ve got victory over the enemy and the world (and my soon to be Ex) can’t do me any harm!!!  Praise God!

I’m starting right here right now with those changes.  I will not stand and face that looking-glass and nit pick over the flaws that I think I see.  I will see myself for who I really am-a child of the King!  I will love myself because God loves me.  If He can love me, who am I to not love myself?  He made me in His image therefore I am beautiful!  I will hold my head up high and give thanks for all the Lord Almighty has brought me through!  I may not see it now but I have the victory. I am not a victim but a VICTOR!

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  1. Nicole says:

    You are an amazing woman of God and I pray that when you look in the mirror He will give you eyes to see you like He does. Praying for you my friend! I BELIEVE God has really big plans for you….time to get moving forward towards them!! 🙂 Love you! And Merry Christmas!


    1. mbryant613 says:

      Thank you for all the kind words and much need encouragement! Love you and Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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