10 things that make Me Happy!

10 things that make Me Happy! 10. Sweets 9. Blogs 8. Books 7. Cool air in the summer 6. Warmth in the winter 5. The sound of a gentle rain 4. Contemporary worship music 3. Good friends 2. My children and granddaughter 1. God

Anxiety by Willow-Anne

Originally posted on Ordinary girl's peculiar blog:
Late at night is when I think And try to I clear my head I often stay awake all night Just laying in my bed As soon as I get comfy Thoughts start racing in I start to question everything and regret my every sin At first…


I have always tried to be a good citizen, a friend to the friendless, and a good Christian. I have never wanted to deliberately hurt a soul. I am not the confrontational type either. Yet, I continue to find myself getting hurt by the very ones that I truly care about again and again. Is…