Our differences…

It’s never easy being with someone who is so drastically different from yourself. I love my girlfriend. She is about as different from me as water is from oil. The very things that sometimes make me laugh can be the very thing that at other times drive me insane. She brings out the lighter side of me though and I (try) to keep her somewhat grounded in reality.

We both were raised in very religious up bringing but rather than being religious we are more spiritual instead. She is a little more fanatical about it than me. I was taught etiquette in etiquette classes, how to behave, think, even eat as a proper lady, how to set a table properly, and all the proper things that a lady should know in all the proper settings. She on the other hand props her elbows on the table, chews with her mouth opens, belch without saying excuse me and many other things my mother and grandmother would find appalling. There are times when it bothers me but her other qualities are what makes me remember why I choose to over look the little things.

Where I tend to be Little Miss Prim and Proper, on the quiet and conservative side, she is loud, unafraid to speak her mind and is a true go-getter. She takes risks but not for the sake of being a risk taker but usually it’s on someone else’s behalf. She would gladly go out of her way to make sure people she cares about are taken care of. She willingly and gladly will lend a hand to someone in need even if it might cost her some personal loss. She has a caring heart that looks for and sees the best in people even when they can’t see it for themselves.

I’m learning so much from her. I hope that she’s able to learn something from me as well. Our differences are what make our relationship balance out and work. No relationship is ever going to be perfect and it’s going to take a lot of love and work to keep it going strong. I think she is terrific though and so very worth it!

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