Dear CK

You don’t get to hurt me anymore. I’m taking away your power and domination over me. You can say what you want about me but I won’t flinch, bat an eye or ever cry over you again.

I met a real friend yesterday. She made me realize that I’m not weak. I don’t have to depend on or look to anyone for strength because my quiet strength has always been there. There is nothing wrong with me. God created me and He doesn’t make mistakes.

What I thought was love with you is not love at all but your manipulative version of a sick and twisted idea of love. Love doesn’t force a person to do things that hurt them. Love doesn’t try to make you into someone that you’re not. That’s just not how love is nor how love works.

Despite all the awful things that you did to me I forgive you. I will never hate you because there isn’t enough room in my heart for hatred. But I will pray for you that you find real love and that it heals whatever is broken inside of you that has made you into this person. I pray that you will find real peace that can’t be rolled into a cigar wrapper or found in the depths of alcohol. I pray that the person you’ve chosen to lie with tonight doesn’t cause you the same pain you tried to put me through.

CK, I wish to nothing but the best in life. Good bye!


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  1. Miss Vee says:

    The strength is completely within and pouring from up above. I will keep you in my prayers!!

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    1. Kissing Fish says:

      Thank you so much! 💛

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  2. Nícia says:

    Wow, now I’m glad you two are no longer together. Living with a manipulative person must be awful. I had bosses who were manipulative and I got literally sick everyday just by the thought of having to deal with them.

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  3. levishedated says:

    I wish you and CK well on your chosen paths. Hope that happiness finds you both and sweeps you up to the stars and beyond (and gets you safely back home in time for bed). 🙂

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    1. Kissing Fish says:

      Salut and cheers to that!

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