Destination Unknown

By: Mary Bryant

Holly lay in her bed staring up at the spot on the ceiling. Her thoughts crashed around in her mind like waves after a violent storm. Her thoughts thrashed about as if the thoughts were frothy waves, tumbling about and banging against her forehead like an ancient African Congo drum. Slowly Holly moved the covers off of her naked torso and watched her body come into view. She stared absently across the bed at her reflection in the dresser mirror. She sighed, taking note of her once magnificent breasts. Not quite yet defeated by gravity but overwhelmed by the years she had nursed her now teenaged children.

Holly could smell coffee brewing downstairs in the kitchen and a smile slowly drifted across her face. Her frantic thoughts began to calm as her mind drifted back to the last couple of nights. Never in her uptight, Type A personality mind didshe dream of the events thatoccurred Friday night and Saturday morning (and Saturday afternoon and night). She wasn’t that kind of girl. As her eyes began to drift close from the memory she felt that familiar tingle that started in the pit of her stomach and rose up through her chest, billowing upwards and outwards causing her face to blush at the intensity of the heat.

She remembered how she walked into the Jazzy Beats Bar and sat down on a stool with a dreary sigh. She had just found out earlier in the day that her job was one of many that were being canned in the next six months. She didn’t know how she was going to support herself nor the boys considering their father, Joel, never bothered to send the child support he had been ordered to pay, oh so long ago.

“What’ll you have?” the sweet alto voice drifted into the haze of her mind. She shook her head to clear the fog from her brain. When she looked up she felt a sudden catch in her breath. Looking back at her were the strangest, yet most beautiful and perhaps intimidating brown eyes staring back at her inquisitively.

“I…I… Um, what?” Holly couldn’t believe how she was stammering in front of this bartender.

“I asked what’ll you have. As in what would you like to drink?” the bartender asked once again.

“Oh! Sorry. I was having a moment there.” Holly looked at the bar then back at the bartender and replied, “What do you recommend?” The bartender laughed and asked, “You’re not a regular drinker are you?” Holly shook her head indicating that she wasn’t. “How ’bout I fix you something that won’t leave you feeling as down as you look right now in the morning then, Hon?”

“Thank you.” Holly dropped her head in shame. Suddenly she felt soft and gentle hands tilting her chin upwards. She found herself staring into the warm, calming eyes again. “Smile. I won’t bite you until you tell me to!” The bartender laughed a sultry yet sweet laugh but it wasn’t a laughter of mockery and quickly put Holly more at ease. The bartender held out a slender hand and introduced herself as Sabrina. “I’m Holly.” she replied returning agentle squeeze to Sabrina’s hand.

“I almost thought you were saying that you were Holy,” Sabrina replied.Holly laughed. Sabrina winked and walked over to make Holly’s drink.Holly watched shyly beneathhooded eyes as Sabrina gathered different bottles and began to make a colorful cocktail. Holly noted how open and lovely Sabrina’s face was. She watched, then unknowingly and slowly licked her own lips as sheobserved Sabrina’s upper teeth bite into her full lower lip as she concentrated on the drink in her hand. A lock of her shiny black ringlets had fallen over her right eye when she bent over to get out ice for the glass and she suddenly let go of that full lip and pursed her lips together to blow the cute littleringlet out of her view. Sabrina gradually felt Holly’s gaze on her and when she looked up she caughtHolly watching her on the sly. Sabrina gave her a warm, almost knowing smile. Holly looked away flustered knowing she had been caught staring at this extraordinary, petite, young woman.

Sabrina was the epitome of African American youth. She had a slightly athletic build with small pert breast and a nipped in waist. Sabrina’s skin was the color of a mocha latte.Holly should know because she hadfixed a mocha latte for her awful boss every morning for the past few years. Her backside was well rounded and smooth. Hollywondered why there was no panty lines then speculated why she was even wondering that at all. She quickly shifted her eyes down and away from Sabrina’s taut bottom. The black pants suited Sabrina well and the white bartending shirt was at least two sized too small but the look suited her perfectly—and she knew it.

Sabrina knew that Holly had been watching her all along. She also knew that it was causing some conflicting emotion in the older woman. Holly looked to be in her older thirties. But she had a look of innocence about her. Her shoulder length hair was neatly coiled into a bun at her nape but stray tendrils were coming undone around her face. Her skin was well cared for and was the color of peanut butter. Sabrina thought that Holly looked to be a little more than just African American with her almond-shaped eyes and up-turned nose. She almost looked elfish in a way. Sabrina could tell beneath the frumpy old-lady floral patternedblouse were full breast that almost hung loose in the ill-fitting bra. Beneath the bar she knew there were long, stocking clad legs and slender feet in the ugliest pair of nurse-like shoes she had ever seen. Although Holly looked very tired she was still a very beautiful woman.

Sabrina brought the cocktail over toHolly and sat it before her on a napkin. Holly thanked her for the drink and then noted with surprise that Sabrina had left a number on the napkin. Holly quickly threw back her drink and practically ran away from the bar to the bathroom.

Once in the bathroom she splashed her face with water from the basin. “What am I doing here?” She questioned herself while staring at her reflection. She was stunned to see the look in her eyes. Her pupils were dilated and her nostrils flared. Her skin was flush and she quickly splashed more water on her face. A few moments later she heard someone else enter the bathroom and then she heard the unmistakable sound of the locking clicking on the door.

Holly quickly darted into the stall and sat down on the seat. She put her elbows on her knees then put her face into her hands. Tears began to trickle down her face and dripped onto her lap. She didn’t even hear the stall door open she was so lost in her sorrows. She jumped a bit when suddenly she felt herself being enveloped into a warm embrace.

“I’m sorry, Sweetie. I didn’t mean to frighten you. I wasn’t trying to make you uncomfortable but you just looked so lost and sad. You really look like you could use a friend right now. OK?” Sabrina was looking deep into Holly’s eyes. Hollycollapsed into Sabrina’s arms and the tears began to fall in earnest at that point. “Shhh-h-h… It’s ok sweetheart. Just let it all out and it’ll be alright.” Sabrina rocked Holly in her arms for a few minutes untilHolly’s tears began to subside.

“I’m losing my job. I don’t have anyone I can call. What am I supposed to do in a few months when I’m given my walking papers? I don’t know how to be anything else!” Holly wailed into Sabrina’s sympathetic ear. “Honey, just stay right here. The other bartender is coming in right now to relieve me and I will get you out of here and we can just talk. Is that OK by you, Hon?” Sabrina asked Holly. Hollynodded her head in agreement thenSabrina got up off the floor and left her there. A few moments later Sabrina came back in with her car keys in hand and Holly’s over coat and handbag. “Come on. I’m gonnatake you somewhere nice and cozy and we can chat about your worries.” Sabrina helped Holly up and then led her out of the bathroom.

Holly felt a little off kilter and wasn’t sure what to make of Sabrina’s kindness but she ambled along. Sabrina led Holly out into the park then chirped off her car alarm. Hollynoted with a smile on her face the little black Sentra with a naughtyTinkerbell decal on the back window. She thought to herself, “she may be sweet on the outside but there’s some naughty on the inside”. She slid into her seat and buckled her seatbelt. While she waited on Sabrina to get in on the driver side she shot her boys a quick text message to let them know she may be out late and to fix themselves a pizza for dinner. Then she sat back and closed her eyesand enjoyed the ambience and the ride to destination unknown.

The next thing Holly knew Sabrina was tapping her on the shoulder and informing her that they were there. “Where?” Holly asked. “My place. Or do you want to go somewhere else?” Sabrina inquired. “No. No. This is fine. I was just a little disoriented.” Holly said.

They both got out of the car andHolly looked about taking in the humble little bungalow. It was painted a light shade of yellow with green trimming and little flowering plants on the porch. She walked with Sabrina up the steps and glimpsed around at the flowers as she waited on Sabrina to unlock the front door. The foyer was decorated in simple but classy colors and with very feminine and chic décor. Sabrina led her into the sitting room and Holly sat on the loveseat. Sabrina went to the kitchen to fetch them both glasses of wine.

Holly began to relax and enjoy the quiet stillness of Sabrina’s home. Sabrina had put the lights on dim and put on some jazz music. They both sat and enjoyed each other’s company for a while. Sabrina stood and held out her hand to Holly. “Would you like to dance?” Sabrina asked. At first Holly giggled thinking Sabrina was joking. When she realized that Sabrina was serious she blushed at first but then put her hand in Sabrina’s and stood up. Sabrina pulled Holly closely to her body and began to lead her around the room in a slow rhythm to the beat of the music. At first Hollydanced stiffly with her back straight and her steps jerky but Sabrina patiently led her around and around and back and forth throughout the room. Soon Holly began to relax and enjoy the sounds that enveloped her senses. She found herself swaying in time with Sabrina and let her guard down at last.

Sabrina knew that Holly was comfortable with her finally. She slowly caressed Holly’s back and then she brought her lips to the crook of Holly’s neck. Holly’s breath caught in her throat and she came to an abrupt halt in mid-step. Sabrina had felt Holly go stiff in her arms and she pulled away from her.

“I’m sorry.” Sabrina said. Hollyturned away from Sabrina and went back to the loveseat and put her head back. “I’m not.” Hollywhispered back. Sabrina sat down next to Holly.

“What do you want from me, Sabrina? This isn’t me.” said Holly, her voice barely above a whisper. “The timing is so messed up right now and I feel just a little confused. I don’t even know you.”

“That’s the beauty of it!” replied Sabrina. “I’m not trying to scare you but you need someone to just take your mind off your troubles for just a little while. I just want to give you what you need right now. Let your mind be free and give your body to me. If only just for tonight…please!”

Holly raised her eyes up and saw the raw honesty in Sabrina’s eyes. She knew this woman would never hurt her.

“Just for tonight?” Holly looked pleadingly at Sabrina.

“If that’s all you want, love.” Sabrina answered.

“Just don’t hurt me.” Holly leaned towards Sabrina.

Sabrina whispered back, “Never!”Holly’s eyes drifted closed as Sabrina’s lips covered her own.

Holly moaned into Sabrina’s mouth as she surrendered to the heat that had been building up inside of her. Sabrina deepened the kiss by pressing her tongue into Holly’s now open lips. Her tongue danced in and out of Holly’s mouth and she licked the inside of Holly’s lips.Holly reciprocated and suckled gently on first Sabrina’s upper lip then tugging Sabrina’s full lower lip into her own mouth. Sabrina couldn’t get enough of Holly. She languished kisses on her neck and nibbled on her ear and trailed kisses down to Holly’s taut nipples.

Holly felt her own pleasure growing and building up inside but she felt constricted and hindered by her clothing. Sabrina took note ofHolly’s discomfort and began to dismantle her clothing piece by piece. First she slowly unbuttoned the floral blouse with her teeth. With every button she undid she would nip at Holly’s peaking buds going from one breast to the other in a teasing manner. Holly moaned her name over and over relishing in the torture that the teasing was bringing her. When at last her blouse was removed, Sabrina quickly unleashed her breast from the bra and flung it down into the floor. Holly tried to quickly hide her breast, feeling ashamed of them.

“No! Please don’t hide them. I think they are beautiful.” Sabrina held onto Holly’s hands and moved the aside replacing where the hands had been with her mouth. She suckled at each breast lovingly and tenderly. Holly felt like she was going to faint at the intensity of the feeling of her breast being loved.

“Please don’t stop…ever!” Holly said with tears in her voice. Sabrina raised her head up from her breast and held each breast in one of her hands then she began to play with the nipples while her tongue danced its way down lower on Holly’s body.Holly began to sink down in the loveseat with her bun slowly coming undone as she sank lower and lower. She couldn’t believe the lusty whimpers that were escaping her lips. She was deeply entranced in the spell that Sabrina was weaving and casting over her with her mouth.

When at last Sabrina reached that dark triangle where Holly’s thighs met she stopped but only for a moment and looked up at Holly. What she saw in Holly’s eyes let her know that she was okay to continue. Tentatively she kissed that tender junction between Holly’s supple thighs and Holly felt pure bliss. Then slid upwards towards the prize and slipped her tongue deep into the warm moist folds ofHolly’s wetness. Holly began to shiver with delight as Sabrina’s tongue found undiscovered places inside of Holly’s hot honey hole. As her tongue penetrated deeper and deeper Holly felt a tremble in her legs that soon shot through her entire body and she cried out Sabrina’s name as Sabrina pushed her over the climax edge again and again.

Just when Holly thought it was over, Sabrina flipped her over onto her stomach and began kissing her entire backside. Holly arched her backside into Sabrina and shivered with delight as she felt the gently nudging of Sabrina’s hand between her legs.

“Part your legs for me, Love.” Sabrina commanded Holly. Hollyunsure of what to make of this new position when she was barely over the first slowly spread her legs. Before she could make heads or tails of what to expect next she felt Sabrina’s fingers sliding up into her body. She arched back and screamed Sabrina’s name once more and began to grind herself onto Sabrina’s fingers. Sabrina’s fingers moved expertly in and out ofHolly and Holly could feel another explosive orgasm about to erupt.

“Oh, Yes! Oh my frigging gosh! Yes! Yes! Yes!” Holly exclaimed over and over. Sabrina’s fingers pounded in and out of Holly’s moistness and as she began to climax once again.Sabrina fingers were caught in the grips of Holly’s orgasm as it rippled through Holly’s body.

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    1. Kissing Fish says:

      Thank you! I’m so glad you like it 😉


  1. You’d probably laugh if you could see my eyebrows creeping up my forehead as I read this. Maybe I’m not the intended audience for this, but still I can feel the love and devotion that went into every word. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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    1. Kissing Fish says:

      Lol! Thank you and I’m appreciative of you reading it anyway!

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      1. The pleasure (most assuredly) was mine. 😉

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    1. Kissing Fish says:

      Yay! I’m glad that you like it.

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      1. Absolutely! Keep doing what you do! 🙂

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