Hello KO

Dear KO,

Thank you for being a part my life at such a weird time for me. You’re wonderful for remaining patient and agreeing to take things at my pace which may very well be super, super slow. You know how much starting over scares me, almost as frightening as a nightmare. I know hurt is a part of life but for me it nearly destroys me or at least that is how it feels.

I like that we are friends right now. I like that you let me deal with that sneaking, scary fear without pushing me to hurry up and get over her already. I like that you let me just breath without pushing me to talk about it all the time. I know that it hasn’t been easy dealing with me especially these last couple weeks when I’ve been shutting out my friends and family because of my depression but you’ve been so sweet, empathetic and understanding.

Please don’t change. I’m slowly coming out of the dark space because of your gentleness and patience. Keep hanging in there with me and I promise that it’ll get better. If you like me now while I’m a hot mess you’ll really like me when I’m back to being myself… I hope anyway.

Yours truly,
Kissing Fish (Mary)

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  1. T says:

    I’m sure ko will still find you beautiful

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    1. Kissing Fish says:

      Thank you. She’s been wonderful thus far! I’m trying not to have that waiting-for-the-other-shoe-to-drop feeling because things are going so well. Me and my anxiety…

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      1. T says:

        Oh don’t think like that…she sounds like a gift from heaven xx

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      2. Kissing Fish says:

        I will let her read your compliment! I think she’ll smile as big as I am right now!

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  2. Morning Mary,

    I’m elated that there is someone for you to talk to at this time in your life. Depression can be a bear, angry and ravenous and able to uproot trees. I’ve been there before. It left me reeling in my tracks, but I made it via the grace of the Divine.

    Sending love and light,


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    1. Kissing Fish says:

      Thank you Claudia. You said it right about it being a bear! Sometimes it gets a hold on me and feels like it’ll never let me go. I’m getting better, stronger every day. Thanks for the encouraging words!


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