Another short story…

Victim of Pleasure

I was tired but thrilled coming home after a long day and there is my dom waiting for me. She tells me to take off my clothes immediately. I undress right there in the foyer. She takes my clothes away but I am to stay put until she says so. I wait and the anticipation makes me wet knowing how good it’s going to be when she finally takes me.

After a five minute wait standing naked in the foyer she finally takes me by my hand and leads me to a warm bubble bath. I slide into the tub and she gently begins to bathe me. She’s lathering me up all the while teasing my nipples which are aching for more. I am commanded to never lose eye contact with her. But as she is washing me between my legs my eyes involuntarily close for just a moment because I am so lost in the sensation of how great she feels on my hardened clit.

Next thing I know I receive a swift smack on my nipple as punishment for losing eye contact!

She held me up out of the bath water to towel me off. I love the sensation of the soft cotton rubbing against my skin. I accidentally allow a moan to slip. She spanks my ass hard with three smacks that burn but afterwards she kisses my ass cheeks to soothe the burn. She deftly slips a finger into my moistness and abruptly bends me over to lick me from the back!

I’m loving it and can feel myself almost ready to cum but she stops and tells me to clean up the water off of the bathroom floor then meet her in the bedroom.

After cleaning my mess up I walk into the bedroom and patiently wait for her to tell me when I’m allowed to get into bed. She finally looks up at me, tells me that I took much too long to clean the bathroom floor so I know that I’m due for another punishment.

She tells me to lie down in bed and she wraps scarves around my wrists and ankles tying me to the bed. I try to apologize but she pinches my nipple and tells me to zip it.

I feel moisture immediately begin to pool between my legs. I am so ready but she wants to play some more. The anticipation is building up more as she picks up a leather whip. She glides it up my right leg, across my pussy and down my left leg. I keep my eyes glued to hers and wince as she brings the whip down quickly against my legs. I gasp at the stinging sensation that just as quickly dissipates. I smile up at her and she strikes me again three more times.

“Tell me that you’re a bad girl!” she commands me. “I’m a bad girl!” I say quietly.

“Excuse me?” and she brings the whip down across my pussy this time making my pussy quiver and grow wetter.

“I’m a bad girl, Daddi!” I say with a little more volume this time. She smiles in pleasure at hearing me address her correctly this time.

She grabs the strap that’s been waiting on the nightstand and pulls it on snugly. I lick my lips because I can hardly wait for what’s coming next.

She gets up on the bed and stands directly over me. “You want this dick don’t you Bad Girl?” I nod my head yes. She immediately grabs the whip and stings me across my pussy. “Yes, Daddi! I want your dick!”

(To be continued…)


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