Dear CK aka Satan

Did I tell you about KO? Well, let me fill you in on her. She loves me. She loves me unconditionally. She’s funny, smart and super charming. She’s been helping me financially as well so I can get back on my feet. She gets along with the kids wonderfully and they like her a lot…

Before and after breast reduction surgery

Before breast reduction surgery, size 46G After breast reduction, 16lbs of breast tissue removed, size 40C I suffered some complications and set backs but I don’t regret it. They are well on the way to being nearly healed. How they look today Nipple reconstruction but no areolas yet.

My birthday weekend KO

A romantic ferry ride The sun setting over the bay Fireworks over the pier… This was the most magical, romantic birthday I’ve ever had. Thank you Kim-O! You sure know how to wow & woo a lady!


I’m sorry because I find it difficult to accept you as you are. I find your dreams and hopes to be a little absurd and bizarre sometimes. I want to change you into the person that I want you to be. I want to save you from yourself. I want you to love me unconditionally…

Why I’m hung up

Because maybe I see way too much in her that she refuses to see or at least admit to. She has a heart to help people. She has opened her door to homeless people before when she couldn’t really afford to do so. She advocates for victims of abuse. She has held rallys for youth…