Why I’m hung up

Because maybe I see way too much in her that she refuses to see or at least admit to. She has a heart to help people. She has opened her door to homeless people before when she couldn’t really afford to do so. She advocates for victims of abuse. She has held rallys for youth in the past. She’s a former social worker. But for some reason that I don’t understand she stopped doing it all. She started drinking, smoking weed, quit playing the organ at church. She just seem to have given up on life.
I don’t know why. I get to see glimpses of the beautiful soul that she use to be, especially in the bedroom. But then that person closes up and it’s over again. It baffles me but I’m such a staunch believer that she can overcome what ever has turned her into this person she has become.
I love her like I’ve never loved anyone else and I just want to see her get over this hurdle/stumbling block/mountain and be the Chris she use to be! I know she’s still in there somewhere.
Even though I can’t be with her during this phase, I can’t help but to love her even if it’s from afar. So, there you have it. I’m hung up on her big time.

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