Dear CK aka Satan

Did I tell you about KO? Well, let me fill you in on her. She loves me. She loves me unconditionally. She’s funny, smart and super charming. She’s been helping me financially as well so I can get back on my feet. She gets along with the kids wonderfully and they like her a lot too. It’s nice to have their approval I must admit.
There is a dark side to her that intimidates me though. She is jealous and a little possessive and because of this I’ve alienated some really good friends. I miss my friends.
Most of all I miss you. Even though You’re gone I miss our friendship. I miss laughing and talking shit with you. I still love you but I’m attempting to move on with my life and accept things as they are between us. I jokingly call you Satan because you piss me off so much. I’m still upset at how things ended but it is what it is. I don’t want to abandon you in a low time in your life but it’s, nevermind.
I digress…
KO really is not a bad person. No one is perfect and we all have things we can improve upon in our lives. I value that she’s a hard worker, she’s loyal to me, she truly treats me like a queen and I feel so special when I’m with her. I need to tell you something though. Things are getting very serious between us and she wants me closer to her. Very close. She wants me and the kids to move to Virginia and live with her. I’m seriously pondering her request. I’m not in love but I do love her. I can see myself easily falling in love with her but a stupid small part of me is still attached to you. If I make this move I’m going to have to let you go. I don’t ask much of you but I’m going to ask you to please help me let go of you. This is unhealthy and I need you to release this hold you have on me. I need an exorcism!


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