It can be difficult sometimes living with regret. It’s hard to let go when your mind drifts back to things you’ve done or said and wish that you could take it back. I am striving to learn to forgive myself for mistakes that I’ve made in the past. Those demons love to come back to fight for space amongst my happier memories. I may occasionally lose a battle but I’m determined to win the war!

There is one particular incident that really bothers me. I made a dear friend online and there just may have been potential for more than friendship in the long run. I’m very happy in my current relationship but the regret that bugs me is how I let the other friendship go. I truly regret how I handled the situation. I was so insecure and immature that I just completely stopped all communication without ever saying why or goodbye. I’ve never been a cruel person do something so callous and cold and I regret it. 

I’ve asked God to help me with the situation because it disturbs me to my soul. That’s one regret that only God can mend.

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