The Surprise Birthday Party


My middle daughter turned twenty years old on the twenty-eight of December. She knew that I was scheduled to be out of town for her birthday and she pouted that I never did anything special for her birthday anymore. Now that statement is only partially true. I hadn’t been able to really do anything major for the last few years due to financial reasons but prior to our financial demise I had thrown her quite a few special parties for her birthday. With her birthday falling only three days after Christmas I don’t usually get her a whole lot of presents but I do separate her Christmas presents from her birthday presents.

This year I wanted to do something different for her. She generally hates surprises but I wanted to do it for her anyway. On Christmas day I talked to most of the cousins that came over to our aunts’ house for the annual Christmas gift exchange and told them of my plans to throw her this surprise. She knew nothing of what was going down. She was trying her best to figure out why everyone kept sneaking off and talking out of her presence but this was the only time and the prime time to get all the details out to the family about the surprise.

That Monday, following Christmas, I got my girlfriend, Kim and my cousins Larnelle and Valerie to help me to coordinate all the details and reservations and cake for the party. I told my daughter, Kathy and her siblings, to get ready to go. They knew something was up but even the siblings didn’t know all the details of what was taking place or where we were going. Earlier that day I had the bakery to decorate her cake in her favorite colors and delivered it to Larnelle to bring to the party site. All I had to do was load my crew up and head for the highway to drive straight to the party site.

It took all of an hour to arrive due to heavy traffic on the interstate but we finally pulled up into the parking lot from the backside versus the interstate where you can actually see the sign. Once I turned the corner to the front of the building where she could read the sign where we were, Kathy began screaming, “Oh my god!” She could not contain  her excitement and quite nearly jumped from the moving car in her rush to take pictures and boast to her friends where she was. I surprised her with a party at Andretti’s Indoor Karting and Games.

She, her siblings, and cousins all had the best time ever. She just could hardly believe that she was really at the place she had dreamed of and discussed for the longest time about visiting. I had told her so many times that we were going to go once we could afford it so I figured no better time to make good on that promise than to finally go for her twentieth birthday! Happy 20th Birthday to my daughter, Kathy!




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