November 09, 2017

I know it’s been a long time since I have posted anything on WordPress.  A lot has gone on in the time that I’ve been away.

We moved into a new apartment. I love the extra space that I have now. Kim has her space on her side of the room and she has it decorated in Green Bay gear. I have my space decked out in Falcon gear. She is a die-hard Packer fan and I’m loyal to my Atlanta Falcons! Lizzie is the happiest to finally have a bedroom all her own. She doesn’t have to worry about sharing with her siblings anymore since they are grown and no longer living with us.  She seems pretty content having her own space to herself.

I’ve started working part time as a temp. I enjoy being able to get back into the work force but I don’t feel forced to have to work. When my fibromyalgia flares I can relax and treat my pain as needed at home. I don’t have to worry about missing time at work or calling in sick and getting fired. I enjoy getting a paycheck every week and not having to try to pay all the bills all at once at the beginning of every month. Kim is a great provider as well and she makes sure that the bills get paid on time and that the house stays in  financial order. It can be difficult for me to maintain the household finances because my brain gets so foggy and forgetful thanks to fibro-fog. I’m glad that she is so much better at our finances and making sure that our car doesn’t get repossessed or the lights don’t get turned off.

My son has found himself in a bit of trouble though. It makes me sad that I can’t be there to save him. He’s an adult and I can be there to support him but I can’t fix his problems. This is a situation and he’s going to have to man up and deal with the issues. His father and uncle have retained a lawyer to help him maneuver through the legal problems though and I just pray that he makes it through without too many scars in the end. As his mother I can’t help but worry a bit though. It’s hard to step back and watch my son suffer. But he made this bed and he’s going to have to lie in it as the old folks used to say.

My older daughter is doing well. She’s working and saving money. I am quite proud of her for surviving without much help from me. She is staying in my hometown with a family member. We talk almost daily though and she knows that I love her and am praying for her well being.

My youngest daughter is thriving in our new city. She has made friends at school and is in several different after school clubs. She keeps busy and keeps her hands in my pocket as it takes money for almost everything these days. I work and make sure she has the money for her field trips and various club dues. I’m glad that she is doing well for herself. She also volunteers at the library. The girl makes me smile and beam with pride!

That’s pretty much all that’s been going on with my little family. I’ll try to keep updating my blog more frequently now that we’ve settled in and things are getting back to normal.



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