Dear CK aka Satan

Did I tell you about KO? Well, let me fill you in on her. She loves me. She loves me unconditionally. She’s funny, smart and super charming. She’s been helping me financially as well so I can get back on my feet. She gets along with the kids wonderfully and they like her a lot…

Bitter much?

You’re not my sunshine, no not my sunshine. You make me angry, on sunny days. You’ll never know just how I detest you You’re the one I abhor today!

Gone, baby, gone

CK is really gone. I should be happy right? She was discharged from the hospital, came and packed up her belongings and moved out into her own place. So why do I feel so distraught?

My Parable

There was a lady who was a recovering alcoholic. Her problem was not so much that she was a recovering alcoholic but that she happened to live in an apartment right above her formerly favorite bar. This bar was her primary reason for leasing this particular dwelling. Now she was stuck in her lease and…

How do you get past hurt?

Very recently I had someone ask me for advice on how to move past a hurtful relationship.  I was truly stumped at how to reply.  How do you move forward when the pain in your heart is so fresh and so raw?  Comments and advice is welcomed.