I said

Will you take me back and be mine again?

Oh my wow

Saw this on FB and all I could say was oh my wow!

Me & Lil Mama

This is me and my youngest daughter posting before church this morning. Afterwards she fixed us a lovely dinner. She’s a quick learner and sweet as a peach.

Bitter much?

You’re not my sunshine, no not my sunshine. You make me angry, on sunny days. You’ll never know just how I detest you You’re the one I abhor today!

Gone, baby, gone

CK is really gone. I should be happy right? She was discharged from the hospital, came and packed up her belongings and moved out into her own place. So why do I feel so distraught?

Dear CK

You don’t get to hurt me anymore. I’m taking away your power and domination over me. You can say what you want about me but I won’t flinch, bat an eye or ever cry over you again. I met a real friend yesterday. She made me realize that I’m not weak. I don’t have to…

My Parable

There was a lady who was a recovering alcoholic. Her problem was not so much that she was a recovering alcoholic but that she happened to live in an apartment right above her formerly favorite bar. This bar was her primary reason for leasing this particular dwelling. Now she was stuck in her lease and…

Can’t find my Ms.Right

I made a decision to try out an online dating site. So far it has been one disappointment after another. I don’t know if it’s my pictures, my profile, or what it is that keeps landing me all the wrong ones. I’m just about ready to say to hell with that crap. The only reason…