Did that grab your attention? It stands for Serve God by Serving Others. I am spreading the word about this Gofundme campaign that I’ve started. Quita Maven is a young lady here in Newport News, VA, trying to get on her feet. She just moved into an apartment and she literally has no furniture, no…

The sun is rising once again

Our little family has once again weathered a storm of perhaps epic proportions!  We have been through so much in the past few years but still we manage to hold on.  This latest storm has been one, unfortunately, of my own making.  I don’t regret following my heart but I do have some remorse about…

My Grandkids

These are my precious grandchildren K.J.-age 2 months, Marlye-age 2, and my youngest daughter Lizzie-age 13.  They give me life!

Pondering on God and Life

I have been thinking and pondering about my faith and my belief about God and life.  It’s not so much that I doubt God’s existence but more a question of my faith in Christianity.  I’ve read and watched so many things that make me question it all and it leaves me feeling shaken.  I believe…

Christmas Joy

On December 13th, our newest addition, a grandson graced us with his presence. He came kicking and screaming into this world like a mighty spark. His name is Kairo but my girlfriend has us all calling him Pyro because she says he’s going to light up the world! He has already lit up our world. …

10 things that make Me Happy!

10 things that make Me Happy! 10. Sweets 9. Blogs 8. Books 7. Cool air in the summer 6. Warmth in the winter 5. The sound of a gentle rain 4. Contemporary worship music 3. Good friends 2. My children and granddaughter 1. God

How do you get past hurt?

Very recently I had someone ask me for advice on how to move past a hurtful relationship.  I was truly stumped at how to reply.  How do you move forward when the pain in your heart is so fresh and so raw?  Comments and advice is welcomed.